How Acroyoga Classes Can Help You

It’s possible that you might have seen videos of yoga students working together and achieving some interesting balancing positions which look more like acrobatics. Over the past decade, there has been a rise in acro yoga classes which teaches the art of this most unusual form of exercise. The good news is that young and the young at heart can achieve the seemingly impossible positions through the practice of AcroYoga.

What are Acro Yoga Classes?

These are classes that take the traditional forms of yoga and combine them with acrobatics like you might have seen at the circus or other performing arts. Because it mixes up the two art forms, it provides a fresh approach which is appealing to so many who have done yoga for years. It combines the strengths of yoga with the excitement of acrobatics is a clever way that immediately invokes interest. When you consider the combination of building trust, getting a good workout, and having a lot of fun it is little wonder that acro yoga classes are really taking off.



There are a number of benefits that this form of yoga and acrobatics provides to those wishing to learn. Everything starts with arriving at the classes which offer an excellent way to meet new people and get started.

Works for Everyone: Despite how it looks, this form of yoga works for everyone big or small. All that is really required is that you are free of injuries or debilitations that would prevent you from balancing. Plus, those who are larger need not always be the support which means that you can be the flyer as well.

Finding Partners: The classes will always have a partner available because the instructor can step in when necessary to provide their support. This means that you can team up and learn quickly how to do this particular form of yoga.

Give and Receive: When you support others, you find out that really you are being supported as well. This is a marvelous feeling that happens to virtually everyone that participates in acro yoga classes. By trusting the other person, you can let go of your own fears and soar to new heights using this remarkable series of techniques.

Shared Experience: There is something so fulfilling about helping someone else and you can really feel it when practicing AcroYoga. You have to do far more compared to working out by yourself which means communicating, being direct and compassionate so that you can help your partner. By working together, you can achieve so much more than being alone.

This form of exercise puts you in the role of the support or base and the flyer which can be a remarkable experience. Plus, you get to exchange roles which makes it even better as you do not get stuck doing one thing. There are many benefits to attending acro yoga classes, so when you find a reputable instructor it really pays to attend and find out why so many are participating in AcroYoga.


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