The Benefits Of AcroYoga

Yoga is traditionally an exercise and meditation process that is done alone. Even when participating in yoga classes, the emphasis is on working alone to improve your mental and physical well-being. However, there is a new movement in partner yoga training where you perform exercises together. One of the more popular forms is called AcroYoga and it borrows many of its moves from the famous Cirque du Soleil.

What is AcroYoga?

This is a type of partner yoga training that has an interesting origin. Jason Nemer is an acrobat and yoga teacher who in 2003 found himself at a party where he met Jenny Sauer-Klein, who was also a yoga instructor and teacher of circus arts. During the night they talked about the different practices that they would love to combine and by the morning they had come up with a remarkable new form they dubbed AcroYoga. They first taught the course together just two weeks later and it quickly caught on.

Today, AcroYoga is one of the most popular forms of partner yoga training with over 200,000 people participating in over 39 countries.

Why is AcroYoga So Appealing?

There are a number of reasons why it has become so popular, but arguably the main one is that it teaches people how to trust others. There is something deeply appealing to those who must find ways to trust each other. This approach works very well for those who want to open up and play more with their yoga routines.

For this form of partner yoga training, there are at least three people involved. The person providing the support, the one who is the flyer, and a spotter just in case balance is lost. By providing a strong base, the support uses their strength to hold up their partner, the flyer, who then positions themselves in a manner that also provides for some balance. The spotter ensures greater safety so that the maneuver can be done successfully.

Why It is Successful

By merging the yoga with acrobatics, this form of AcroYoga provides not only the exercise and meditation common to the exercise, but greater challenge, partnership, trust, and fun as well. The partnership experience is one that not only creates a greater bond between two people, it also provides for a challenge that makes the entire process even more enjoyable. When you consider some of the basic positions of AcroYoga and how they can be achieved, it is certainly more interesting than the standard plank position of yoga itself.

It should be noted that this form of yoga and acrobatics is not for everyone. This means that if you have any injuries, weaknesses, or deficiencies that preclude you from the delicate balancing required of this exercise, then you should not participate until they are addressed. However, for those who can perform in this manner, this is far and away more engaging than standard techniques. No wonder more people are trying partner yoga training and the benefits provided by AcroYoga and the many different challenges that it has inspired.


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